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Mine TMRP-6
Type Anti-Tank-Mine
Diameter 290 mm
Height 132 mm
Weight 7.2 kg
Explosive weight 5.1 kg
Explosive type TNT
Operating pressure 150-360 kg
Detectability Easily detectable
Manufacturer Former Yugoslavia
Used in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo

TMRP-6 is a modern Anti-Tank (AT) mine with a Misznay Schardin (MS) warhead. The mine is supplied with the fuze fitted into the centre of the pressure plate, which is weakened around the edge to allow it to shear under load. Until the mine is armed, the pressure plate is reinforced by a plastic safety collar retained by a metal pin. Below this is the dished steel MS plate, beneath which is the main charge. The fuze has a central well with a metal spigot onto which the optional tilt-rod fits. To one side of this is a hole for an arming key, sealed with a slotted plastic plug; to the other is the arming button. A plastic clip fits into the tilt-rod well and rotates to slot under the head of the arming button as an additional safety measure. The fuze has a clockwork mechanism with a spring-loaded striker, a black powder clearing charge in a thin plastic casing, a delay element and a detonator. The mine casing is made from olive green plastic with a plastic carrying handle on the side and an auxiliary fuze well in the centre of the base.